Visit to local radio station

myself and lee juke

As I am looking to go into a career in media, with my first choice being radio presenting. I got in contact with local radio stations and spoke to radio presenter Lee Jukes of Bridge FM about the skills I would need for this job.

I was invited by Lee to visit the studio for a guided tour. Whilst there Lee walked me though how the equipment used by modern radio stations work. Lee also showed me how the playlist music bank is used whilst a presenter is on air.

In the time I was on site with Lee I got to watch him start to present his drivetime show and see what a radio show looks like from the presenter's point of view. Before I left Lee showed me one of the aerials that station uses to broadcast to the listener.

I would like to thank Lee Jukes for this fantastic experience and advice to push me forwards towards my career path of choice.

me at Bridge Fm

myself and Lee Jukes