360° Tour Launch

Over the past few months at Blue Bench Media, we have been working with Bridgend College to Develop a selection of 360° interactive tours to provide their students with insights into future careers. We are proud to say that these resources have been implemented and are being used by students throughout the college. The Finalised tours are now being launched on our new 360-degree tour page (CLICK HERE). We are looking to expand this resource to more career areas to support more students.

We will also be providing interactive tours of workplaces, venues, and Real Estate for any businesses looking for interactive marketing materials to allow clients to explore showrooms and businesses online. This will expand the business’s client base and boost sales.  As well as marketing materials we can also provide tours with interactive points and questionnaires for training purposes, allowing your staff to brush up their skill from home.

If your business needs a 360 tour CLICK HERE to contact us